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6 Common Dental Emergencies & What To Do Next

6 Common Dental Emergencies & What To Do Next

Dental emergencies should be treated as soon as possible after they happen. Delaying treatment could result in severe damage such as permanent tooth loss, jaw or gum inflammation, or oral infections.

If you suffer a dental emergency, no matter how serious, we here at Family Dental Centre (FDC) are equipped to help you no matter what time of day it is. Our 24 hour team on stand-by to provide dental emergency services and urgent care in our clinics in Singapore. Call our emergency hotline at 8122 9984 if you need immediate assistance.

Here are 6 common dental emergencies you might encounter and what are the next steps to take:

1. Toothache

Teeth pain is one of the most common dental emergencies and is a clear indication that something is wrong. In many cases it indicates an infection has entered through a cavity, and may have even spread into the gums and surrounding tissue. Delaying treatment could lead to dental abscesses which can further worsen leading to bone damage, tooth loss, or jaw infections.

Next steps: See a dentist immediately to have the abscess drained and removed. A root canal treatment might be necessary. Antibiotics might be prescribed to fight the infection, and the cavity will be temporarily filled until the infection is gone. Once the infection is cleared up, a permanent repair can be undertaken.

2. Swollen and/or bleeding gums

Swollen or bleeding gums can be a symptom of gingivitis (gum inflammation) – which requires long-term treatment – but can also indicate an infection in the gums. If not treated as soon as possible the infection could spread leading to more serious infections.

Next steps: Visit a dentist or dental emergency clinic as soon as possible. As these symptoms could signify several conditions a dentist should perform an assessment of your teeth and symptoms before prescribing the next course of action.

3. Chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth is another dental emergency that should be dealt with immediately no matter how minor the chip may be. The chipped or broken tooth means the hard enamel protection around your tooth has been damaged, allowing bacteria to enter the softer dentine inside your tooth. Over time this can lead to infection, severe toothache, or even loss of your teeth.

Next steps: Visit a dentist or emergency dental clinic for an assessment. Minor chips may be repaired using dental filling or bonding but more severe breakage might require dental crowns or other protective devices.

4. Dislodged teeth

If your tooth has been knocked out please seek immediate medical attention from your nearest dental emergency clinic. The faster you are able to get treatment from a dentist, the higher the likelihood of restoring your tooth.

Next steps: Rinse tooth in clean water and reinsert into the mouth if possible. If not, place tooth in a container and cover it with milk. Seek medical treatment immediately.

5. Lost or damaged dentures, braces, or retainers

If you lose or damage your dentures, braces, or retainers make an immediate appointment with your emergency dental team. Any damage may cause injury to your teeth, lips, or gums, and in the case of braces or retainers can delay the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

Next steps: Seek medical treatment immediately and do not try to repair the devices on your own.

6. Damaged crowns, bridges, or other fittings

Damaged or dislodged crowns, bridges, veneers, or other fittings could cause injury to your mouth, tongue, or lips.

Next steps: Seek medical treatment immediately from a dental emergency clinic. Delayed treatment could lead to infection, toothache, or more severe consequences like tooth loss.

Get Emergency Dental Treatment at FDC

FDC is able to quickly and efficiently resolve any of these dental emergencies at our emergency dental clinics in Singapore. Call us at +65 8122 9984 or book an appointment to see any of our trained dentists as soon as possible. Upon dialling our emergency hotline our staff will guide you to the nearest FDC clinic where our 24 hour emergency team will be able to help you.