Dental Scaling And Polishing Services

Dental scaling is a routine, common dental procedure frequently done at leading dental clinics such as Family Dental Centre to remove the build up of hardened, stubborn tartar and plaque build-up (known as calculus) from below the gum line. Doing so often is vital as calculus can easily lead to damaged teeth and gum diseases. Often, dental scaling may cause the teeth to become rough and polishing will be needed to smooth them out. The polishing of patients’ teeth is typically done with a polishing paste and a rotating rubber cup (this is similar to how an electric toothbrush is used) to improve the appearance of your teeth and remove bacteria.

Why Is Dental Scaling And Polishing Important?

Contrary to what many people believe, plaque and tartar can build up in our teeth even when we brush and floss regularly. Harmful bacteria which can cause tooth decay and gum inflammation thrive when dental plaque and calculus that accumulates around the gums is not removed. As such, our experienced dental team recommends that you visit the dentist once or twice annually for dental scaling and polishing.  It is not advisable to attempt to do so on your own as plaque and tartar that has formed up in your teeth is best removed by trained dentists with professional dental instruments. 

Frequent dental scaling and polishing has the positive effects of boosting your oral health, cleaning surface stains from coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco use. Going forward, it also lowers the risk of gingivitis, gum disease and dental decay in the future. Another added benefit is how it allows dentists to take a closer examination of your teeth for problems not obvious to the naked or untrained eye like leaky fillings or cracks that may require dental attention. When done regularly, this is a gentle and non-invasive procedure that will only require a short amount of time from your day yet it will go the longest way in ensuring your dental health is on the right track.

Flash Your Smile Confidently With Family Dental Centre’s Dental Scaling And Polishing Services

A simple dental scaling and polishing done by our dentists will remove plaque, calculus and stain in no time to bring back the bright and fresh smile onto your face. Book an appointment with us today to see how we can assist you in safeguarding your dental health.