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When a smile is everyone’s greatest asset, overcrowding or wide spaces between teeth can sometimes take that away. Moreover, it causes difficulty when brushing, which can lead to swollen, bleeding gums and even decay.

Fortunately, Family Dental Centre offers an array of orthodontic solutions for individuals looking to close gaps, align crooked and correct crowding. Our dental clinics across Singapore provide clear aligner, metal and ceramic braces treatments catered to your unique condition. We correct your teeth and bring out your megawatt smile with your choice of metal or ceramic braces, as well as Invisalign®, a system that uses virtually “invisible” clear aligners. Whether you’re a student in Singapore or a working professional, our braces treatments are affordable, efficient and customisable – and will make you beam.


Wearing braces is an effective, proven way of achieving a beautiful smile that boosts your confidence through straightening crooked or overcrowded teeth. But apart from aesthetic improvements, braces also offer long-term health benefits:

  • Prevents tooth problems and gum diseases: Teeth straightening reduces the hidden pockets between teeth. This makes it easier to clean your teeth thoroughly, reducing plaque buildup and minimising the possibility of tooth decay and gum diseases.

  • Increases comfort: Braces eliminate the pressure and discomfort caused by misaligned teeth. Fixing your jaws with braces also addresses teeth-grinding and its accompanying problems like headaches and facial pain.

  • Helps with speech difficulties and prevents jaw disorders: By receiving braces treatment in Singapore, it sets your teeth and jaw back in the right position, overcoming speech clarity issues and avoiding painful jaw disorders.


Braces can help in correcting a wide range of teeth alignment problems, including: 

orthodontic problems that we fix with our braces, singapore

Spacing: Spacing refers to the presence of excessive gaps between two or more teeth. It can impact speech clarity and trap food particles between teeth.

Overbite: An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth. It can affect both the function and appearance of the bite.

Underbite (Reverse Overjet): An underbite is characterised by the lower teeth and jaw protruding in front of the upper teeth. Severe cases may cause difficulties in speaking, biting, and chewing food.

Crossbite: A crossbite involves the upper teeth sitting behind the lower teeth. This misalignment can lead to abnormal tooth wear and chipping.

Overjet: Excessive overjet, also known as protrusion, is the protrusion of the upper front teeth far forward beyond the lower front teeth. This is measured by the horizontal distance between the upper and lower front teeth.

Crowding: Crowding happens when there is insufficient space in the jaw for the teeth to be properly aligned. This can result in teeth being pushed forward or backwards, overlapping, bunching up, or twisting.

Open Bite: An open bite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed. This condition can affect appearance and speech function.


The ideal time to get braces varies depending on individual needs. In general, orthodontic treatment with braces is recommended during adolescence when permanent teeth have erupted. However, braces can be effective for patients of all ages. It’s best to consult with our dental clinic to determine the most appropriate time for you or your child to start braces treatment.


Metal Braces in Singapore

metal braces singapore
ceramic braces singapore

Ceramic Braces in Singapore


Ceramic braces are one of the many types of dental braces made of tooth-coloured or clear ceramic material. They function similarly to traditional metal braces but are less noticeable in appearance. Ceramic braces offer increased comfort and are effective in treating common tooth alignment problems. However, they may be slightly more prone to breakage or dislodging, which can extend the overall treatment duration or incur additional costs.


Many individuals prefer ceramic braces due to their discreet appearance and enhanced comfort. They blend with the natural colour of the teeth, making them less noticeable. As such, ceramic braces are worth considering for teenagers and children who may feel self-conscious about wearing braces. Self-ligating ceramic braces are also available, providing added convenience and further comfort for the wearer.


Ceramic braces are suitable for individuals of all ages who require orthodontic treatment. They are particularly popular among teenagers and children who desire an aesthetic option for teeth straightening. The tooth-coloured or clear brackets of ceramic braces make them less noticeable, addressing any self-consciousness about wearing braces. 


The process of getting ceramic braces involves several steps. It begins with an initial consultation with our dental professionals, where your orthodontic needs will be assessed. If ceramic braces are deemed suitable for your case, the brackets will be carefully bonded to your teeth using dental adhesive. Archwires will then be placed and periodically adjusted to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Regular follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

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The braces treatment process starts with an initial consultation with our dental professionals, who will discuss and assess your orthodontic needs. During the initial consultation, you will explore different types of braces, including ceramic braces, metal braces, and clear aligners like Invisalign. The dentists at Family Dental Centre will provide recommendations based on your specific case and preferences. Once a decision is made, the chosen braces will be carefully applied to your teeth or assigned to you for daily wear. Regular follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the desired teeth alignment is achieved.


Orthodontists are dental specialists trained to treat dental and facial irregularities. Treatments include:
x-ray scan done before Orthodontic treatment with braces, singapore


Orthodontists and general dentists have similarities as they both focus on oral care. Orthodontics is one of the nine specialisations within dentistry. Orthodontists are specially trained to diagnose and treat crooked teeth, bad bites, and poorly aligned jaws that range from simple dental malalignment to conditions requiring a combination of braces and jaw surgery. General dentists usually refer patients with more complex issues to Orthodontic specialists.

Proper dental health among children is a growing concern for parents in Singapore since it affects overall health and well-being. Early orthodontic treatment can correct jaw deficiencies and bite problems since the child’s body and bones are still developing.

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Usually 1 – 2.5 years, but it varies by case. It is essential that your clinic appointments in Singapore are always kept. Retainers are fitted to hold teeth in their new positions after the braces are removed, and if these are not worn, your teeth may slip back.

After receiving treatment at a clinic in Singapore, your teeth may be tender for the first few days, but this will disappear after you grow accustomed to your braces. Taking a mild painkiller may help.

Use a small head orthodontic toothbrush to brush your teeth thoroughly, and use mouthwash at night. It is vital to maintain good oral hygiene, and regular 6-monthly cleaning is required during treatment.

Avoid chewy or hard food, as these may break and bend the wires of your braces or dislodge the brackets. Sweets, mints and sugary or fizzy drinks may also dissolve the enamel. Your dentist in Singapore will provide further advice during your treatment.

If something becomes loose or broken, please call your chosen clinic in Singapore immediately for an appointment. This is because a broken wire or braces can cause teeth to move in the wrong direction and prolong treatment time.

The cost of metal braces treatment for students starts from S$3,500 (excluding GST), while ceramic braces start from S$4,300(excluding GST). Meanwhile, the fees for adults start from S$4,300(excluding GST) and S$4,800(excluding GST), respectively. The dentist at our Singapore clinic will advise on the cost of your braces treatment after assessing your condition.

Ceramic and metal braces come with their pros and cons as follows:

  • Aesthetics: Ceramic braces can be transparent or tooth-coloured, making them less visible and more ideal for working adults who need to be mindful of their appearance.

  • Durability and care: Ceramic braces are less strong and more prone to staining. In this regard, they are more suitable for individuals who can limit their intake of food that stains their teeth, practise good oral hygiene and care for their braces.

  • Duration: Ceramic braces typically take 12 to 36 months, while metal braces take about 20 months. Thus, metal braces are ideal if you seek quick correction.

  • Cost: As ceramic braces are made from a costlier material, metal braces are more affordable for students in Singapore or individuals with smaller budgets.

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If you’re concerned about your smile and are interested in having invisible, metal or ceramic braces treatments done, speak with us today. Our virtual consultation services let you talk to one of our dentists in Singapore right from the comfort of your home. Address your concerns about getting braces on the spot before coming down to our dental clinic.

Am I a Good Candidate?

To find out whether you are a good candidate, schedule an appointment with our dentist for an initial consultation. Once the assessment of your dental health is done, our clinician will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.


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