here to care for your child

here to care for your child

Child Dentistry

With the many stories they may have heard from family or friends, little ones are naturally more curious or fearful of visits to the dentist. This is why we take special care and consideration when it comes to treating children aged 12 and below.

Caries Risk Assessment

Our dentists will help to identify the level of risk for cavity development and other oral health diseases in infants, children and adolescents.


Children with mispositioned teeth or bite, if detected early can be corrected with simple braces/ removable braces without going through the traditional bracket braces. The earlier these issues are detected and corrected, the faster the treatment completion.


Accidents can happen that result in children fracturing their primary or permanent teeth. Don’t worry! We provide  emergency slots in all of our practices to ensure treatment can be rendered immediately.


Prevention is better than cure. As such we will customise treatment modality to help prevent cavities development in your child.

This includes:
Diet Counselling and modification:
Good eating habits and food preferences are established early in childhood. Poor diet can lead
to poor health, obesity and even tooth decay.

Professional Fluoride Therapies:
These have been proven to prevent tooth decay,
strengthen the teeth as well as prevent tooth sensitivity.

Pits and Fissure Sealants:
Sometimes the deep grooves and pits on the child teeth tend to trap food and plaque. Normal toothbrush bristles may not remove the trapped food and plaque effectively. As such sealants can seal and cover these deep grooves.


A child should first see a dentist when his/her teeth first erupt. Treatment may not be necessary at such a young age, but it is always good to start acclimatising the child to regular dental treatment early on, to ensure there is no fear of dental treatments later on. In addition, proper oral hygiene and preventive measures will be taught to you so you can prevent dental problems for your child as they grow up.

Early dental visits allow the child to form a relationship with his/her dentist, and to form a habit of good oral hygiene from a young age. In addition, many young children suffer from early childhood tooth decay, or tooth decay caused by milk bottle, which can result in the child needing multiple fillings or extractions. This is an easily preventable condition which the dentist can teach you to protect your child from.

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