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The values of integrity, commitment, and compassion guide us in all we do. From understanding your needs to the smallest detail, to ensuring your dental health with complex dental procedures, these values drive us to deliver our goal of quality family dental care.

Friendly Dental Experts

Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. You can be rest assured that our staff will be there to provide for your dentistry needs, treatments and enquiries.


Experience Next Level Convenience With Us

Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, simply reach us online or through our hotline to schedule an appointment. Plus, there’ll be no forgetting your appointment with our friendly reminder SMS. Alternatively, you may also to choose to communicate with your dentist through tele-consult to save time and the need to travel. And when it comes to your next consultation, simply register your particulars online to be reminded of your next 6-monthly dental hygiene visit. So yes, next level dental convenience has arrived at Family Dental Centre.

Safer and Faster For Greater Peace of Mind

With the use of advanced imaging equipment, our dentists are able to perform complex dental procedures with minimally invasive techniques that result in shorter surgery time and faster recovery. On top of that, Family Dental Centre follows strict infection control protocols and hygiene standards to provide you with a clean and safe environment. All to give you greater peace of mind.

All Connected For A Seamless Experience

When our network of clinics is digitally connected and digital-safe, your electronic dental records are kept secure and accessible at any clinic you visit, which takes away the need for repeated tests or x-rays. This also means a direct link to dental labs for shorter production times upon any request of dental crowns and veneers. So come discover a dental experience made pleasantly seamless.

Driven by Integrity

At FDC, we ensure that besides providing a thorough check, we also commit ourselves to provide comprehensive information you need to make a well-informed decision on any necessary treatment.

Care and Compassion

We fully prioritise and listen to our patients’ needs, while constantly focus on carrying out our treatments with utmost care and respect.

Integrating Digital technologies to enhance your experience

With the use of dental technologies, we are able to enhance our services and deliver more precise, effective, and efficient treatments.

This means carrying out dental procedures with computer-controlled components for greater efficiency, receiving digital imaging of dental conditions for more accurate diagnoses, and tracking dental treatments and recovery far more effectively.