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Gum disease is an infection of the gum and bone around the teeth caused by the accumulation of germs and plaque and it is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.


The first signs are blood appearing on the tooth brush or blood visible during rinsing of the mouth. It is usually painless but in more severe cases, the gums appear red and swollen and may feel sore. Some patients experience minor gum swelling with pus oozing out of their gums. Other symptoms are gaps appearing and widening in-between the teeth.

If left untreated, it will lead to damage of the gum and the underlying bone. This will result in the teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out! Some patients are genetically prone to gum disease.

It has also been shown that untreated gum disease can lead to heart disease, among many other diseases. It is also associated with diabetes and osteoporosis.

Regular scaling and polishing every 6 months is necessary to remove the plaque/ tartar/ germs to prevent it from affecting the gums and bone level. Sometimes apart from scaling and polishing, it is necessary to do root planing (deep cleaning) to remove those plaque that are deposited deep in the gums and is done comfortably under Local Anaesthesia.

Medication such as antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash may be required as an adjunct treatment to gum disease. For some patients who are genetically prone to gum disease, it is necessary to visit the clinic once every 4 months to maintain the gum and bone level. 

For a perfect smile, your gums have to look healthy and be light-pink in colour. If a lot of your gums is visible when you smile, you can get help to re-contour the excess gums, giving you a less gummy smile. As we age, our gums may recede and this can also be corrected with plastic surgery. Receding gums often result in teeth sensitivity and gives the unpleasant appearance that your teeth are no longer normal.

3D Bone augmentation can also be done to add volume to the gums prior to procedures like implant or bridgework so that the final result will be more natural and aesthetically pleasant.


Since its inception in 2003, Family Dental Centre (FDC) has grown into a network of dental clinics in Singapore, driven by the mission to provide quality and accessible dental care to the community. As part of the Oracare Group and recognised by both the Singapore Medical Council and the Ministry of Health, our focus is on upholding high standards in dental services, a commitment that has led to our inclusion in Dental Asia and listing on HealthHub, Singapore’s leading health portal.

At FDC, understanding and meeting the individual needs of our patients is at the heart of what we do. Our expansion to 12 conveniently located clinics is a reflection of our commitment to making dental care accessible to all, supported by a team of 32 dental surgeons. Continuous professional development is key, ensuring our team is equipped to provide tailored, high-quality care. In recognition of Singapore’s diverse culture and languages, our staff are conversant in English, Mandarin, and Malay, facilitating clear and effective communication with our wide-ranging clientele.

Choosing Family Dental Centre means opting for a partner committed to your long-term dental health. Learn more about FDC and discover how we can be part of your dental care journey.