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Should Your Singaporean Teen Get Clear Aligners Or Braces?

Should Your Singaporean Teen Get Clear Aligners Or Braces?

Traditionally, braces have been the tooth alignment method of choice for Singaporean teens. However clear aligners (sometimes referred to as “invisible braces”) are an increasingly popular alternative for a variety of reasons. While both braces and clear aligners are effective long-term tooth alignment options for patients of any age, there are some differences that may affect your ultimate decision.

Family Dental Centre (FDC) offers both braces and clear aligners for our teen patients.  We understand that getting any type of tooth alignment surgery is a major step for a teenager, especially when they may already feel self-conscious or are struggling with growing pains. Before choosing between the two, here’s what you need to know to find the right option for you:

How do I know if my teenager needs braces/clear aligners?

The teenage years are a popular time to get orthodontic treatments such as braces, clear aligners, or even jaw surgery to correct severe jaw misalignments. This is because our jaw bone is still changing and developing between the ages of 7-16 years old, making it more flexible and adaptable. While you can still pursue tooth alignment as an adult, the time required may differ. If your child is young enough and teeth issues are detected early, they might even be able to correct any misalignments using clear aligners or removable braces instead of traditional bracket braces.

Having proper tooth or jaw alignment can also help with speech issues, feeding or eating issues, and oral hygiene. During the turbulent teenage years, resolving these issues through orthodontic treatment can be a huge self-esteem boost for your child.

What are the benefits of clear aligners/invisible braces for my teen?

The main advantage of clear aligners such as Invisalign compared to traditional braces is the fact that these translucent devices are subtle when worn and cannot easily be seen from afar. For teenagers who are self-conscious about their appearance, this is a huge benefit compared to the visible metallic or ceramic brackets of traditional braces. Adolescents may also fear being made fun off due to wearing braces, and clear aligners can help assuage that fear.

Another reason why teens are not fond of traditional braces as their tooth alignment option is the pain and inconvenience of it. Comparatively, clear aligners can be conveniently removed before eating or drinking, and you do not feel as much pain throughout the process. While the overall process might take longer as it is not as forceful as bracket braces, this is easily outweighed by the other benefits of clear aligners.

When are dental braces suitable for my teen?

While clear aligners are more popular, this does not mean that people are leaving traditional bracket braces behind. You can get both metal and ceramic braces at our dental clinics in Singapore, with metal braces being more common. 

While they are relatively uncomfortable compared to clear aligners, a typical treatment regime is much shorter and braces are also the most affordable tooth alignment option out there – making them one of the best options for families on a tighter budget.

How do I know which option is best?

Clear aligners might seem like a more appealing option overall but do not discount traditional braces entirely. Creative teenagers may even feel drawn to the arrays of coloured modules being fixed on the metal braces as compared to invisible braces, and it is best to have a straightforward discussion with your child about the options available. Remember that this is an important step for them, as they will have to wear the aligners or braces for several months or even several years.

Explore your tooth alignment options at FDC. Our multi-specialty team of general and orthodontic dentists are here to help you resolve your dental concerns. In case you face any discomfort with your braces or clear aligners. Give us a call today or book an appointment at any one of our clinics islandwide across Singapore  for a consultation today.