Dr Abdul Halid Bin Abdullah

Dental Surgeon

BDS (Singapore)


Dr Halid graduated from the National University of Singapore dental school in 1992, got married the same year, and is now happily married with six children. He had a stint in the Singapore Armed Forces as a dental officer for about two years before serving his bond with the Ministry of Health. Since then, he has been in private practice as a general dentist.

To him, the highlight of being a dentist is being able to talk to patients and solve their dental problems. He finds it incredibly fulfilling when they are happy with their treatment. It has not always been easy dealing with patients who have a phobia of dental treatments or dentists. He helps such patients overcome their fears during consultation and dental procedures by going through the step-by-step process.

Dentistry is not only his profession but is also a hobby. Even as he ages, he is happy just seeing his patients happy and smiling after treatment, and it helps take his mind off the constant backaches. A smile is an act of charity, rightfully said so.