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Picking The Right Dental Crown For You

Picking The Right Dental Crown For You

Having chipped, broken, or decayed teeth can not only affect your confidence and self-esteem, but could even lead to dental health risks further down the line. In such situations, fitting a dental crown is a good way to restore and protect your damaged teeth.

Dental crowns consist of a cap that resembles your missing or damaged tooth, which is fitted over the affected area using dental cement. Crowns may be used in conjunction with other restoration procedures including dental bridges, dental implants, or dental veneers.

At Family Dental Centre (FDC) we offer various affordable dental crown options to help you protect your teeth and restore your smile. Find out more about our crown options below to see which one is the best for you.

What are Dental Crowns used for?

Dental crowns can be used for several dental concerns including:

  • Discoloured, asymmetrical, fractured, or broken teeth
  • As part of  dental implants
  • Preventing further fracturing or damage to weakened or cracked teeth
  • Protecting teeth that have undergone root canal treatment

Types of Dental Crowns

1. Porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM)

Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) have a metal inner shell that’s covered by an outer layer of tooth-coloured porcelain. This allows PFM crowns to have the strength of the inner metal alloy, while still looking extremely natural and subtle once inserted. Patients with receding gums might find the metal line at the bottom of the crown to be slightly visible, but PFMs are subtle for most wearers.

PFM crowns are extremely durable, and can last for several years with regular wear and tear. They are also the most affordable dental crown option available in Singapore, although people with metal sensitivities or allergies may not be suitable for PFM crowns.

2. Full porcelain

Full porcelain dental crowns – as their name suggests – are made entirely of porcelain, and lack the metal inner lining or layer found in PFM crowns. This gives the crown a more natural appearance even in patients with receding gums, and may be recommended for patients whose front teeth are affected.

As porcelain is biocompatible, patients are unlikely to experience sensitivity or allergic reactions to full porcelain crowns. Full porcelain crowns tend to be more expensive compared to PFMs, but are one of the most common crown options in Singapore.

3. Zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns are one of the newer dental crown materials available; the strongest available crown crowns while looking as natural and subtle as porcelain crowns. Due to their strength, zirconia crowns are extremely long-lasting with proper wear and tear, and are less likely to wear down over time.

However, zirconia’s strength also makes these crowns difficult to adjust – which may lead to costly replacements or changes down the line. They are also the most expensive dental crown option currently available at FDC.

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