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How To Know If You Require A Root Canal Treatment

How To Know If You Require A Root Canal Treatment

Most people would agree that going to the dentist is not one of their favourite activities. However, it is important to maintain good oral health in order to avoid more serious problems in the future. One common procedure that many people dread is root canal treatment. But how do you know if you need one? This blog post will explain the signs that you might need a root canal treatment, its benefits, and what the procedure and post-procedure recovery is like.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a procedure performed to remove the inflamed, dead tissue from the interior of a tooth. This process involves cleaning out the affected area and filling it with material that seals off the area. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to determine whether you require a root canal. If you do, he or she will perform local anaesthesia and then drill into the tooth to access the nerve. Next, the dentist will use special instruments to scrape away the damaged portion of the tooth. Once the area is cleaned, the dentist will fill it with a biocompatible substance called gutta percha. He or she will then cap the tooth with another layer of dentin, cementing it in place. You’ll likely experience some discomfort during the procedure, but it shouldn’t hurt too much.

Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can save an infected or damaged tooth while also relieving pain and sensitivity. Root canal treatments have a high success rate and are typically very successful at treating infections and damage to the pulp.

In some cases, a root canal treatment may be needed to save a tooth that has been damaged by trauma. This is because the pulp can become damaged even if there is no visible damage to the tooth.

A root canal treatment can also help to preserve your natural smile. When a tooth is extracted, it leaves a gap in your smile. This can impact your appearance and your self-confidence. A root canal treatment can help you keep your natural smile intact.

If you think you are experiencing the signs of a root canal, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to determine if a root canal is the best treatment option for you.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Here are some signs that you may need a root canal treatment:

You have severe tooth pain that is not relieved by over-the-counter pain medication

  • You have tooth pain that gets worse when you eat or drink hot or cold beverages
  • You have a tooth that is sensitive to touch or pressure
  • You have a tooth that is discolored or has developed cracks or chips
  • You have swelling or tenderness in your gums near the affected tooth

Recovery After Root Canal

It is normal to experience some discomfort after a root canal treatment. This is because the procedure can cause slight swelling and tenderness in the gums. However, this discomfort should not last for more than a few days. If you are still experiencing pain after a week, you should contact your dentist.

There are a few things you can do to speed up the recovery process and reduce discomfort:

  • Take over-the-counter pain medication such as Panadol
  • Apply a cold compress to the outside of your face for 15 minutes at a time to reduce swelling
  • Avoid chewing hard foods on the side of your mouth where the treatment was done
  • Gently brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with salt water as instructed by your dentist

Root canal treatments are very common, and are easy to recover from with proper care.

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